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Battery Maintenance Minimize

PS² offer a full range of battery maintenance services, including preventative maintenance, inspections and testing for both vented lead acid (VLA or ‘flooded’) and valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries.  We will make sure batteries are operating properly and within manufacturers’ specifications with onsite visits by own team of experienced professionals.

In addition to inspection and reporting for customer information, certain tasks are included:

  • Removal of corrosive deposits
  • Greasing of terminals as required
  • Topping up of electrolyte levels where necessary
  • Removal of accessible internal short circuits on flooded design cells
  • Cleaning of cell lids, containers and stand members / cabinet shelves.

Dependant upon the age, design and general condition of the batteries, PS² usually recommend three or four visits per year. These can be planned to fit in with the site maintenance routines.

Contact us today to organise a regular preventative maintenance schedule,   which will ensure you maximise battery efficiency and minimise risk of downtime, as well as better determining your battery end-of-life and manage your replacement schedule.
Some of the services we offer include:

  • Sealed lead acid battery maintenance 
  • Wet cells maintenance 
  • Connection integrity 
  • Impedance testing 
  • Load testing 
  • Environmental Checks 
  • Full replacement service
  • Removal in accordance with strict environmental legislation