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Gas turbine is a continuous process for industries which demands high availability. 

At PS² we achieve this through our high level of expertise that enables us to service and maintain a wide range of 500 KW to 20 MW turbine power and gas engine generators, including long term maintenance and extended warranty contracts.

PS²  supply and services machines for every utility from pure power generation to cogeneration and district heating.

As a full-service provider in turbine-based power generation, PS² specialise in repairing and servicing gas turbine generators. We offer you the products and the services you need for your gas fired plant.  We are always on the cutting edge of gas turbine technology, and hence offer a wide array of technological options to meet the most challenging energy requirements. Using an integrated approach that includes parts, service, repair and project management, we deliver results that contribute to our customers' success.

Our gas turbine service offer covers a wide spectrum of gas turbines installations: we have a profound knowledge of turbines, and both simple cycle and combined cycle applications.

Traditional maintenance and part replacement is an integral part of our activity. We offer support for individual power plant components, like turbine blades or gas-to-gas heat exchangers.

Power plant maintenance is highly dependent on first-class, reliable components and we only operate to the highest quality standards. Be it new or refurbished components, we manufacture and repair with constant improvements, generated by substantial service R&D program and extensive field knowledge.

Drawing experience from new equipment development and feedback from the fleets, PS² has also acquired the know-how to support you in further modernisation efforts. We develop upgrade solutions that allow you to maintain high performance and competitiveness during your plant lifecycle.

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